Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthdays

Julianna Rose was born three years ago today, on her Great-grandmother Mary Jane's birthday! Julie arrived several weeks early, and was tiny, at a little over 5 pounds.
Great Grandfather Joe got to hold and see her several times. He died suddenly on April 5, 2007. If Julianna had been born on her due date, Joe would have only gotten to see her once. I'll always believe that's why she came early, so Joe could know her. Joe said she was the prettiest baby he'd ever seen.
Julianna and Aunt Steph, on Julianna's first Christmas.
She enjoyed the cake at her first birthday party! She looked good in cake!
Here she is with Aunt Steph and Aunt Manda.
Her second birthday party, and everyone was practicing for St. Patrick's Day.
By last summer, the curls have really come in! She's got her Mommy's sweet face and Aunt Manda's hair, and Aunt Steph's bossiness.
By Christmas she wasn't a baby anymore- she's a little girl!
I uploaded this out of order- this was Julie and Great-grandmom Mary Jane at last years party.
This year's party will be in a couple of weeks. It's a milestone for Mary Jane- her 80th birthday! Julianna has decided that it should be a Dora party.

Happy Birthday Julianna and Mary Jane!


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Riley said...

Holly, I loved that you have included your Dad's picture, brought a tear to my eye. I remember the day you announced your sad news....
Great pictures of the happy event of birthdays!
Lady T