Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunny Sunday

The day started off dreary and rainy, and got sunny and warm- I have all the windows open and the cat is on the porch, loving it. I slept late, started laundry, then picked up Mom and we went to lunch and Walgrens.

I decided to put a quilt up on the HQ. I cut the backing to size, and it seems really big. Here I thought it was 108 wide and it was more like 124, so I had to take it back off and trim it. By the time I got the top pinned, my knee was so sore that I'm taking a break.

The HQ seminar was so much fun! We were playing with the ruler base and rulers, and that could really get addicting! I ordered a ruler base, straight ruler and versa tool. I left Moose there for a spa treatment, and when I pick her up on Good Friday, the other things should be there. QP is 54 miles away, so it's not somewhere I run to very often.

I get picked up from work on Thursday by Rapid Rover, for my trip to Texas! To come home and go back was cutting it a little too close, so Ralph will take me to work on Thursday. Sunday night I'll get Rapid Rover home.

While I was at QP I bought a couple of patterns, a spool of thread for the HQ, needles and more bobbins. I could spend a week and a fortune there!

Sunday things to be happy about:
A nice day outside
It's been a fun weekend
I go to Texas on Thursday!


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