Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not a quilting week

It's been a good week, just not a quilting week. The time change really got to me- I felt sluggish and tired all week. And I knew Heather, Ed and the kids were coming, and I had things to do to prepare for the party.

Thursday night they stayed at Sharon and Jim's, so Ralph and I got pizza and wings and took dinner over for everyone. We had a nice visit- I swear Julie has grown 2 inches since I saw her! And Eddie lost a tooth, but the new tooth is halfway in. Eddie was busy playing with the boys, and Julie and Mackenzie were scooting around.

Friday night was the birthday party. Ralph was on crockpot duty on Friday, and he did a wonderful job. It was a good party- both of our Moms were here, Heather, Ed, Eddie and Julie, Jim, Sharon, Zach, Connor, Justin and Mackenzie, Mike and Donna with Jake, Charlotte, Ralph and I and Steph, and Steph's friends Jay and Kate. I'll get the pictures up later today.

Yesterday morning I met Barbara at a guild quilt show. There were beautiful quilts, and quite a few vendors, for a small show. We each bought a couple of patterns, and I bought two kits- a baby quilt and a beachy table runner. Between Friday night and Saturday morning, my knee had enough, and refused to go anywhere else, so I came home and rested it.

I went to Joann's Fabrics last night, because I had a bunch of coupons, and needed some things. I got curved embroidery scissors and some beads for embellishing, for a class I'm taking at MQX. Batting was on sale, so I bought two twin batts for a summer project I have planned. I got some muslin, which doesn't count as fabric bought, since I use it for foundations for string blocks. Everything I bought was either on sale or I had a coupon, so it was a successful trip.

This morning I'm meeting Heather, Eddie and Julie at my Mom's. Mom has some sheet sets and other items that she wants Heather to go thru. And I get a bonus visit with the kids!

Things that make me happy:
spending time with the family!
quilt shows
a new issue of Quilts and More


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