Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunny Sunday

It's been a nice day so far. Ralph is working, and Steph and Toast went home last night because Steph has a cold and wanted to be in her own bed.

This morning I slept late, which is always nice, and the cats like it. When I got up I called Mom, and we went to Borders Books- it's the week where they give a 25% discount on just about anything to educators and retired educators. Mom got Jake a book, and a few easy readers for Eddie. I got Eddie and Julie several things, that I'll send them over a few months. They love to get mail!

We stopped at Pine Hill Diner for lunch, then I took Mom home and went to Target. I bought the DVD of Twilight for Steph, some marshmallow chicks for Ralph, and a couple more things for Eddie and Julie. Now I'm home working on the mountain of wash!

Steph called, and she had some good news that I'm sure she'll put up on her blog. She's feeling much better than she was.

Things that make me happy:
Mickey D's sweet tea with lemon!
It's spring!
Spending an hour at Borders!


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