Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring!

Steph took Toast out this morning before it was light out, came in and said it was snowing. "You're not funny" was my response. But when I went to look, it really was snowing! When I left for work, it was snowing so hard that I could just about see! Fine weather for the first day of spring! By the time I hit the freeway, it had stopped.

When I took my traditional Friday evening nap, I had this stupid dream. Ralph and I were looking for property on the beach. (Because Ralph loves the water soooo much, LOL). We found a piece of property right on the sand, and it had this cool rock formation on it. Then a storm came up and we had to leave. When we came back, the water level was almost covering the rocks, and people were diving off the rocks into the water. Ralph said, "Maybe they'll lower the price for the property." One of those dreams that make you wake up laughing, because it was so stupid.

Tomorrow is National Quilting Day. I hope to at least get into the sewing room to celebrate- I've only been in there this week to set the VCR. I haven't accomplished anything at home all week. Next week I have an all day HQ15 class at Quilting Possibilities, which should be fun and informative. The weekend after that I'll be in Houston, and the weekend after that is Easter!

And the beat goes on!

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