Friday, April 3, 2015

Welcome April!

April 3 and no snow for days! Hopefully it will stay that way. And it's finally gotten into the 60's for a few days. It'll probably be a typical Jersey year, and we'll get a few days of spring, then go right into summer.

It's the first day of spring break! We're off for ten days! I have lots I want to get done, including putting my car in the shop on Monday to see why steam is coming from under the hood. It was worked on in December, and the problem continues.

I've been to Perks, Dunkin, the bank, the locksmith, and Applebees for lunch. Now the ham is in the crockpot, and laundry is in the washer. 

We're having a pre-Easter dinner at Heather and Ed's tomorrow. Ham, baked beans, pineapple stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, and pie. 

Manda had an ultrasound, and it's a boy! Baby Boy Briles has ten of everything he needs ten of, and all looks well. BBB will arrive mid-August. 

Steph and Dan are house hunting, which is exciting. They've been taking Toast to a park every weekend, and she can still walk over a mile. 

And that's the latest!

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