Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The last day of March

March actually went by pretty fast. Winter just won't go away! We had sleet yesterday with snow mixed in, and we may get a snow shower tonight! Hopefully not. 

By Thursday, it's supposed to be sunny and 70. Here's hoping!

Two more work days til spring break starts, and it can't go by fast enough! 

Ralph has been busy laying out his garden. He's planting corn, peanuts, potatoes, asparagus and raspberries. 

Today is Mike's birthday, he's 59. 

I'm crocheting chemo caps for my friend Jean. I have 3 made, and want to make several more so she can switch them out. 

I'm re-reading the In Death series from the beginning. They have held up well. 

And now to get back to crocheting!


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