Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday morning

The sky is blue, it's not snowing, and it's going to be warmish. All good things! Ralph took the black stray that he calls Notbob to get spayed- we know he's a boy, because he keeps trying to hump the other feral cats, who don't appreciate it at all. This should settle Notbob down, as well as preventing the births of potentially hundreds of kittens. 

Friday I tripped over a mat at was laying unevenly, and tried to catch myself, and fell. I must have put my arm out to catch myself, because my upper arm was more sore than my knees. The worst part was that I needed help to get up, since it hurts to kneel. My knees were achey and messed up my steps for Friday and Saturday. My goal has been 4000-4400 per day. 

I talked to Carol in rehab, and she sounds great. She sees the doc tomorrow, and is hoping to be allowed to go home afterwards. She's been in hospital or rehab since March 8- way too long. 

Yesterday two cousins came to visit Mom to look at pix she has. I hadn't seen Dianne for a few years, and never met Stacy before. Stacy's grandfather and Mom's mom were siblings, and Stacy is very into genealogy. We had a nice visit, and talked about lots of things. 

And as soon as Ralph gets back, we're off to grocery shop.


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