Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Yesterday and last night it rained and rained, and thundered and lighteninged. Today was beautiful, clear, blue sky, in the 60's. A nice spring day, something we don't get many of.

I got the brand new Amanda Quick at the library today, and I'm still catching up on Jonathan Kellerman. 

We had grilled cheese, potato and macaroni salads for dinner. I'm back up to 2 miles, or 4200 steps yesterday and today, after slacking off on the weekend. Last week I did 25,000 steps! Of course, my fitbit buddy Becca did 50,000, but she's 25, works retail, and has her original knees.

Sharon comes to clean tomorrow, which is always a good thing! Tomorrow is Frank and Charlotte's 43rd anniversary! 

Jean emailed to say she loves the chemo caps, and to ask for some in light yarn and big stitches for summer. I've been browsing patterns for some that meet her criteria. 

I went to bed at 9 last night, and don't think I'll make it much later tonight!


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