Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Back at work, which is interfering with life. It's much harder to get my steps in at work. It's 150  steps from my desk to the front do, so I've been doing the round trip several times a day. I tell everyone that my knees stiffen so I need to keep them moving. I've hit 2 miles tonight, or 4400 steps. 

I'm continuing to work my way thru Jonathan Kellerman's books. Right now I'm taking a detour thru Nora Roberts new one, The Liar. So far it's good, as are all of hers, under both her names.

I'm still making chemo caps for Jean, and I have to get them to her as she starts chemo early next week.

Monday was gorgeous, Tuesday dismal and rainy, today back to gorgeous. 

We had dinner with the nurses tonight, less Jean. I had a chicken salad club, which was really good and I have enough for tomorrow's lunch. 

And today was payday!


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