Saturday, May 2, 2015

Out and about

We were out the door by 8 a.m.! Went to the Lampost Diner for breakfast, then to a big yardsale at a Clementon church, where we got nothing. Came home to put leftovers away, then went off to BJ's. We have another month on our free membership, and we're probably going to join. By the time we did all that walking, my knees were protesting loudly.

We had to stay at work til 6 one night for parent report card conferences. As far as I'm concerned, not enough parents show up to make it worth while, but it's contractual. Everyone was dragging the rest of the week. 

I bought new towels at BJ's, so my old ones can be used as rags or cat bedding. 

Poor Amary has another bilateral ear infection, and is on antibiotics. Steph used to get them a lot. 

I'm still reading my way thru Kellerman, with a detour for the new John Sandford, which was really good. And still working on cotton chemo caps for Jean. And working my way thru the shows I have on the DVR. 

And doing laundry!


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