Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Saints Day

AKA November 1. Wow, the year is almost over! It always seems like once Halloween is past, Christmas comes roaring up.

I did some sewing last night. I'm working on the Crossed Kayaks (which we keep calling Crossed Canoes) that I took the class in last week. I have about half of the blocks made, and hope to finish the rest today. I don't like having too many things going at once, and this is a block that I think I would forget how to make if much time went by without me working on it.

Tomorrow is a paper piecing class for a NY Beauty Wallhanging that I'm taking at Village Quilter in Mt. Holly with my friend Barbara. The shop is providing the fabric kits, so it could be interesting. Reading the directions, it needs a high degree of contrast between the fabrics.

Registration is open for Machine Quilters Expositon in NH, the week after Easter. It opened at midnight, but since I was asleep then, I registered for classes this morning. I'm taking an all day mystery class with Mark Lipinski, which I'm looking forward to. I met him in Houston last year, and I think he'll be a fun teacher. I signed up for 8 classes, an ice cream social, and the banquet, over 4 days.

Unfortunately I'm in NJ now, and not in Houston. The world's biggest quilt show, Quilt Fest, is this week. Last year Steph and I went to visit Manda, and I got to spend two days at the show. This year, Steph has a Saturday morning class, and Manda is going to Ren Faire today. Next year!


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