Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now back to your regularly scheduled life!

I'm so glad the election is over! The election wasn't the problem, it was the constant commercials. I was taping everything I wanted to watch, so I could skip the awful commercials. You gotta wonder, do the commercials get votes for the candidates, or cost them votes.

As the Clintons found out, change don't come easy. If the senate and congress aren't with you, you can make all the promises you want, but you can't keep them. So will we really have change? Or will it be same old, same old.

So Halloween is done, election is done, and next is Thanksgiving! I have to hit the cookbooks and figure out what I want to make. We all go to brother Mike and SIL Donna's, and most of us cook. I do a broccoli cheese crockpot that the "kids"- who are now in their 20's for the most part, ask for every year. And of course, Joseph's Trifle.

Birthdays this month- nephew Kevin will be 34, nephew Joseph will be 22, sisters in law Donna and Morgan have birthdays a day apart, and friend Franny has a birthday.

And we have a 4 day weekend, starting now! I'm going to spend it with Heather and Ed and the kids.


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