Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two years ago today

Two years ago today my car got stolen. It was an awful experience. We had a staff meeting, so I came out of work at about 3.45, and my car was missing. I kind of stood there for a minute, thinking, "I know I left it there." There being my assigned parking space. I had only been assigned to that building for 2 1/2 months at the time.

I went back in the building, and called 911. Security pulled the tapes, and we watched a young couple come up the street, into the parking lot, and get into my car as fast as I get into it with a key! My car was old, a 1993 gray Caravan with 140,000 miles on it, but I loved it. The car had been gone an hour when I found that it was missing. The police wrote a report, and Steph came to get me. My nephew the cop told me that it might be recovered, but not to hold my breath. That was on a Monday.

On November 16, which was a Thursday, I got a call from the Park Police that my poor car had been recovered, but it was in pitiful condition. The story was that a couple was in Cooper River Park after midnight, and the park police told them to leave. The van pulled out slowly (poor car took a while to get warmed up) so the cop ran the tags, and they came up stolen (they weren't my tags). He put on his lights, and they took off. They missed a turn and the van went into the river. Glug glug. The male and female swam to shore and were arrested, and a rapid response towing company was called to pull the van out.

November 20 we went to see my poor car. The windows were broken, it was full of stuff- backpacks, car seats, unopened packages of tools, mail. I had only carried liability on it, so it ended up costing me money for the towing. The towing company guy accepted the title and would junk my poor car.

As events unfolded, it turned out that the 25 year old man who stole it already had a car theft charge and a weapons charge. I got to write a letter and tell the judge what having the car stolen cost me. The little creep got 3 years, and has to pay me back $2000 when he gets out, but as the prosecuter said, I won't hold my breath. The young female (she's no lady) also got jail time. I'm glad they both got to go sit in jail, and I hope they rot. As I told the park police, I'm sincerely sorry they didn't drown, or get shot by the cops.

I got a wonderful car, a 2004 caravan with a great electronic alarm system. I found that the old caravans are loved by lowlife thieves, because they're easy to get into and start. In August, I got a letter that the thief will be up for parole this fall. I considered a restraining order, but since I never got a good look at him, it wouldn't be effective. I did give the letter to my principal, in case the district wants to take out some kind of order to keep him off school property.

It's been two years, and I'm still pissed. And I'm still sorry that the bastard didn't drown. And I hope he tangles with the wrong (or right) person, and gets what he deserves.


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Suzy said...

That must have been really scary! At least you weren't carjacked while in the van. There's always that. :o)

Anyway, glad to hear you have a nice shiny new van and all is well.

Something tells me the thieves won't be on the street for long after they make parole...seems like they will wind up in the same pickle all over again as they sound like career criminals. Maybe next time they won't be so lucky with just jail time. I just hope they don't take someone with them.

Hugs to ya! :o)