Monday, November 17, 2008

A new week

Monday again! Seems like more than 1/7 th of my life is spent on Mondays. It was a busy weekend. Saturday I quilted two little pieces that will be Christmas gifts, and took a nice long nap. Sunday morning we ordered carpet for the dining room, family room and hallway from Smart Carpet. It's a nice almost hunter green, and will be installed on December 9.

Then my friend Barbara came over and got acquainted with the HQ16- she was also working on Christmas gifts. After she left, Ralph and I went to Heather and Ed's and watched the kids so they could go out with people from Heather's work. It'll probably be the last time we babysit in that house, which makes me sad.

Today everyone who came in to my office had the Monday blahs. After work I went to an inservice about preventing teen suicide, for a continuing ed. hour toward the 30 I need for my license.

We didn't see Steph and Toast this weekend. Steph is totally immersed in projects for her college classes. Between work, school and trying to have a social life, Steph keeps really busy and manages to maintain a fabulous grade point average. We're so proud of her!

And now I'm off to the shower and bed!


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