Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote early and often!

Ralph went at 0645 and had an awful line to wait in. I went at 0845 and sailed right in and out. Mom did hers by mail, because she just can't stand in lines anymore.

School was closed today because of the election, and I had a long list of errands and chores to accomplish. I only have one more, and that's printing out something, so no biggie.

We're off Thursday and Friday for NJ Teacher's convention, so I'm spending time with Heather and Ed and the kiddies. There's only about 5 weeks left until they move to NC, so I want to see them as much as possible. It's been damp here, and my knees are killing me.

Going back to standard time is strange, as it always is. I'm tired by 10, but awake before the alarm. The cat is still on daylight savings time, and expects to be fed as such.

The NY Beauty class was a lot of fun. They have great rolling chairs, and it made me realize that my $2 yard sale chair just isn't doing it. Ralph always wants to know what to get me, so that 's what I told him.

Unless the election results come in super early, I'll just have to wait til morning to find out who the new POTUS will be.


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