Saturday, October 11, 2008

A three day weekend!

What lovely words those are! A time to recharge and catch up, and do some quilting!

Today is my sister in law Charlotte's birthday- I won't say which birthday, but it is a milestone one. Happy Birthday Charlotte!

I've spent the week reading the instruction book for the embroidery machine, and joining and reading yahoo groups about it, and ordering thread for it. I want to play with it, but I have two obligations to do first- Eddie's pirate "Captain Hook" coat, and Zac's Jedi robe. They are this weekend's projects.

Granddog Toast is still here. Steph was going to pick her up Thursday, but developed The Ick and stayed home. Since she's going to be down here this weekend anyway, she'll stay over on Saturday and take Toast home Sunday. I left some windows open last night, and it got chilly, so it was Ralph, me, Toast and the two cats all snuggled in.

Heather and Ed have an offer for their house, and have signed papers. They also signed papers to buy the house in Ablemarle, NC, that they wanted to buy before. The people are divorcing, and the house is still for sale. Probable settlement in early December. I so want to be happy for them, but it's real hard. Even though we don't see them frequently, due to all our work schedules, it's a lot easier to see someone who lives 25 miles away than someone who lives 10 hours away. But we'll all survive.


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