Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Already midweek!

I may survive The Ick after all! It was touch and go there, but I feel at least almost human today. We had an all day inservice, and it's always fun to be able to lunch with my co-workers.

Eddie's pirate coat is done, and Zac's Jedi robe is done! Now I have to cut the fabric for the quilt class on Saturday, which is called Crossed Canoes, but is much prettier than it sounds. The fabrics are all browns and creams, and it'll be very rich looking. The following week is another quilt class, at the Village Quilter. That one is a New York Beauty wallhanging, and Barbara and I are taking it together.

Steph is going to Heather's tonight, and staying with Julianna while Heather, Ed and Eddie go down to NC for Heather to have an inperson interview, and to see the house and Eddie's new school. It's a fast trip, and they'll be back late Friday.

I googled Albemarle NC quilt shops, and there's several in the area. It seems like a nice area, by the websites.


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