Sunday, October 5, 2008


I've been thinking about friends, near and far. Our friend Charley, his wife Janice, and toddler were up last week for his dad's funeral, and stopped over my Mom's so she could see Matthew. Charley started out as my brother John's friend, way back when they were teenagers. When John had his accident, and Charley spent tons of time at the hospital with John, our family adopted him, and he became more than a friend- like another brother. As the years went by, John moved, Charley went back to school, then married, then moved to Georgia. So he kind of wanders in and out of our lives. When he calls, or comes back, it's like he never left. And he's married to a lovely lady that wanders in and out with him.

Other far friends that wander in and out are Pat and Linda, who are sisters. Linda is a friend from when we were in high school, and when Pat moved down the street from me, we got real close. Linda is now in California, and Pat is in Florida. I don't hear from either of them real frequently, but when I do, it's as if I just talked to them yesterday.

I have other friends that I see and talk to much more frequently, but my far flung friends are so important to me!


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