Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I hate sick days!

Actually, what I hate is wasting a sick day on actually being sick, which is what happened yesterday. Sunday night, Ralph was up half the night being sick. At 4 a.m. he finally called out of work. I got up Monday, started to get ready, and was so nauseaus that I was afraid to drive, so I called out and went back to bed. Slept til noon, and felt human. Ralph was still sick, and was running a 102 fever! I was afraid he had the flu- he was shivering so much he almost spilled his juice!

By this morning he was feeling better, and seems like the temp is gone. Must have been something viral. And I feel fine- may have been lack of sleep, or just a touch of what he had. But I lost a sick day, which is annoying. And of course going back to work after a day out means being buried in paperwork.

Steph left Toast here, before we started feeling icky. I had offered to keep her for a few days, to give Steph a break from early morning and afterwork walks with Toast. I admit it, I missed having Toast around. She's such a snuggler! She's my favorite (and only) granddog.

We had a nice weekend. Saturday I wanted to go look at an embroidery machine, and there's a Janome dealer near Steph, so we met her for lunch, then went back to her apartment. I bought a Janome 9700 embroidery machine! The dealer spent an hour with me, and I also get 2 free lessons. I've wanted one, and looked at them at the Houston show last year, and have been reading reviews. I'm a sewing machine snob, I wouldn't have anything but Janome. Does everything the Berninas and Babylocks do, for half the price.

Sunday I spent the afternoon quilting "Purple Haze" for Manda, with a cloud groovy board. I'm really happy with how it came out. Now I have to bind it and take a pic, and it can go off to Texas and join "The Wind Cries" on her other couch. I'm getting more confident on the HQ16- going to the retreat really helped.


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Penny said...

Glad you are feeling better and CONGRATULATIONS on the new Janome!