Sunday, October 26, 2008

October is almost over!

How did that happen? It feels like I lost a week, with being sick last week, which made the month go by faster!

It's been a busy weekend. Friday night I finished cutting the fabric for quilt class, after taking my traditional Friday afternoon nap. Saturday I had quilt class from 10-2, which was fun. I picked up milk at Wawa for Mom, dropped that off, came home, checked email, then ran to Joann's for thread which was on sale. Grabbed dinner while I was out, came home, collected things to go to Heather's and to Sharon's, and went to Justin's birthday party. Ralph came from work, and Steph came directly from her apartment.

Heather and Ed had pix of their new NC house, so we go to see those. We visited with the family, in between kids running around, and eating a wonderful cake. By the time we got home, it was almost 11 p.m.

Steph stayed over, and she and I are going to do some shopping, while Ralph goes and helps the guys move a pool table from Frank's to Kevin's new house. Then she's taking grand-d0g Toast home to Philly.

Goals for the week:
Work on "crossed canoes"
Get ready for next weeks quilt class


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