Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vacation, part five- at sea, Victoria, and Seattle

Wednesday, August 19, was a sea day. We had our usual breakfast in the dining room. It was neat the way they seated people- they filled tables as people came in, so you always ended up with different people. The tables seated about 10. So over the course of the week, we talked to people from all over. Steph went off for a massage, and Manda and I watched a towel folding demo by some of the cabin stewards. The man with the microphone is the cruise director, Keith.
They did about 10 animals foldings, and ended up with the swan hearts, and gave out a little brochure on towel folding- in case any of us wanted to fold towels at home. Then Manda and I went off to another scrapbooking class, this one in the Viking Lounge at the top of the ship. We'd never scrapbooked before the cruise, and we had a lot of fun.
Thursday was the second formal night. I had wildberry soup, sirloin steak, and whiskey raison cake. Linda had these wing-y things that she'd gotten at a beach festival, and they were playing with them. They fold up flat, like a fan, and are all little pleats.
Steph had to give it a go. I didn't have any big urge to play with them.
Linda really got into it, and went dancing later. She said about ten women ended up trying the wings, and she could have sold a lot of sets. She was giving out the contact info for the maker.
Steph, me and Manda.
Steph and Manda. Every time I took a pic I'd have to tell Manda to open her eyes! We went to the evening's show, which was ballroom dancing. There was a couple of professional dancers who were fabulous. They danced almost faster than the eye could follow!

Thursday's port was Victoria, BC. Manda and Steph went on an excursion to Buchert Gardens, and they took gorgeous pix. I was sorry I didn't go there. Linda and I went on a hop-on, hop-off bus tour. We did the whole loop of that beautiful city, and on the second loop she got out and did some touring. I didn't feel that great, so I went back to the ship.

Dinner that night was peach soup, pineapple, prime rib (there was lobster, but I'm allergic), and a dessert sampler. We went to a show which featured an Argentinian group, and was really nice. Then back to the room to pack.Every day I was scribbling notes to myself, or I'd never remember what we did on what day.

Friday morning we were up and in the theater by 0700. We were carrying our luggage off, and were the first group to leave the ship. They started disembarking at 0715, and we were in the shuttle to the airport by 0800. Back at Sea-Tac by 0900 and saying goodbye to Linda, who had her RV parked at a hotel near the airport. We went thru security and had breakfast, and shopped at Borders and some cute stores for awhile. We split up at 1100 so Manda could go to her gate and Steph and I to ours. Our flight left Sea-Tac at 12.30, and was delayed getting into Minneapolis because they were down a runway. That airport is huge! And of course our flight to Philly was as far as it could be away. The flight was delayed because of storms inPhilly, so we had time to find our gate and get something to eat, and change my watch.

We got into Philly at 1130 pm local time. Three time zones! Kate was kind enough to pick us up at the airport. It was really nice to get home and see Ralph and Toast. The whole vacation was wonderful, and I'm so glad we went. We're talking about doing it again in two years.


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