Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vacation, part one- Seattle

Steph and I were picked up at 0400 by Rapid Rover and taken to Philly International Airport for our 0630 flight, which was right on time. After an hour layover in St Louis, where we had breakfast and changed our watches, we flew to Sea-Tac, and changed our watches again. We were now 3 time zones earlier. Manda got in from Houston an hour before us, so she met us at baggage claim and we got the shuttle to our downtown hotel. I didn't realize just how hilly Seattle was! Very steep hills.
Seattle is big on sculptures, and this one is the back of a whale. We wandered around, and had dinner at an Irish Pub, and went to bed early (pacific time).
Thursday we went to Pike Place Market. It's huge! The Flower Mart is fantastic, and the prices ridiculously cheap. Flowers in every color combo you can imagine.
The purpose of the market is so the seller and buyer can connect without the middleman of the grocery store, and the prices reflect it. Aren't the berries gorgeous?
We had crumpets! Like English muffins, but a slightly different consistancy, and you can get anything on them. We sat at an outside table.
This is a store in Pioneer Square called Utilikilts. They also come in camoflauge fabric! We rode a double decker hop on-hop off bus, and make the loop a couple of times. I went to a quilt shop in Pike Place Market called Undercover Quilts, and had some fabric shipped home. I also found the Seattle Mystery Bookstore, right at Pioneer Square, and bought a few paperbacks.

Ben's Aunt Judy works downtown, so we met her for lunch. Then it was back to the hotel. Friday morning the shuttle picked us up and took us to the Pier.


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kwiltmakr said...

Hi, I am just blog surfing and I found your site. I really enjoyed seeing a bit of Seattle since I used to live close to there ohhhh so many years ago. Have fun. Oh I came over from Quilter