Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Here is a bag I just made for Manda. I have another picture, but blogger won't let me load it- it'll have to go on the next post. It's a pattern called the Frenchy bag by Amy Butler, and the top fabric has little wedding dresses on it- very appropriate!
This is the fabric that I made the cushion covers for Heather's bench and bench back from. Really cute and Christmasy- she already has a set of cushions with green leaves, and one that's red with snowmen on it.
I can picture the skirt that's the top one, in nice summery fabrics. I know Heather will want one, and Manda might want one for the Hawaii honeymoon. I'm not sure about Steph.
I thought of Steph when I saw these pants- I have to see if she likes the pattern.
And this of course would be for Julianna.

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