Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vacation, part four- Ketchikan

Tuesday, August 18 we made port in Ketchikan. It wasn't on our schedule, but because we couldn't get into Skagway, the captain and staff made arrangements for Ketchikan to be substituted. The staff all told us that Ketchikan is more fun for shopping, as it's bigger. None of the excusions appealed to any of us, so we just got on the free bus and rode around, then shopped. I don't know that I would go to Ketchikan for a Harley!
Manda and Steph, ready to tour and shop! We had all planned on excursions in Skagway, so that part was disappointing, but of course we weren't charged for them. And every store we were in, the people were talking about how there was an extra ship in port- we were #4.
That's our ship behind me. The weather was in the 70's, clear, and just gorgeous. It made up for the awful weather at sea.
There were several horse drawn tour trolleys. All of the drivers had husky's up front with them. I hadn't looked up quilt shops in Ketchikan, since we weren't scheduled for there, but luckily, the Silver Thimble advertised on the trolley! I was about to do some shopping, and they shipped it home for me.
The views were so gorgeous! We tended to have changing groups of us. This day, Linda went off on her own to see a museum, Steph was wandering, and Manda and I stayed together.
Coming from flat south jersey, I loved looking up at the mountain views.
We joined up with Steph for lunch onboard- why pay for food in town when shipboard food is part of our package? We're on the top deck of the Rhapsody looking over the harbor. I can't stand that close to the rail!
Looking over the outdoor pool. The pools are saltwater, from the bay/ocean and heated. The jacuzzi's are freshwater.
Looking down over the harbor.
The town, looking down from the deck.
Part of the town is across the harbor, and accessible only by boat. We saw a lot of seaplanes taking off and landing.
Dinner that night was pumpkin soup (I didn't care for it), raspberry/mango soup, and a turkey dinner, and key lime pie. The sunset was gorgeous, and the wind was kicking up.
And when we got back to the cabin, a monkey was hanging around!

I'll be back for the last part of the vacation!

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