Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gingerbread Dreams

This was a mystery class at Quilted Treasures last fall. That day, we made one of each block. I was having issues, because I had my Jem with me, and the 1/4 inch seam wasn't coming out right.
So I had to remake the three blocks I made that day, and do a little more cutting. The two with the gingerbread people are the "A" blocks.
This is the "B" block. The pine center will also be the outer border. The quilt will be 5 blocks by 9 blocks, then an inner and outer border. I have all the blocks made, and over half of them trimmed. Then I can start laying them out. The look will be a kind of Triple Irish Chain.

One of the other women in the class did her quilt in flannels, with a moose theme. Another did hers in a frog theme, with almost flourescent colors. Libby did the sample in snowmen. Knowing the other women in the class, I'm the last to finish the quilt.

Once I get this flimsy together, I'll be left with one WIP/UFO, working title Orange Crush- it's a Bonnie Hunter pattern, and was another mystery quilt online, but I got so far behind that I just printed out the directions.

One of my goals this summer is to get all these flimsies quilted. I have plenty of backing fabric, and just need the ambition. Five more school days to go- yes, we are the last school district in the entire country to get out for the summer!


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