Friday, June 26, 2009


School is finally done for the summer! We're probably the last district to get finished, and the past week has been at least a month long. But we're done- Yay!

And, the tickets for the Alaska cruise are bought! Yay again! Linda got them thru Costco, and got the best rate around. We're on the Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Sea, August 14-21, out of Seattle. We're going "Y" status, which means the room isn't assigned ahead of time. We know that we're oceanview, porthole or better. And Linda and I decided we need trip insurance, because life happens. It'll be me and Linda, Manda and Steph. I'm the only one who hasn't cruised before.

Another Yay- Steph is finished her first summer semester and 6 credits closer to her bachelor's degree. Next week, when the second summer semester starts, she'll only have one class, which meets two nights a week. So she says she's taking Toast home with her, to the new apartment. Toast has been here for about 2 months. She's my constant shadow and I'll miss her, but she'll be back.

Quilting related- I got out my Orange Crush work in progress, and I'll start working on that again. My summer goal is to get all the flimsies quilted, and finish and quilt Orange Crush.

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