Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

My Dad was never into Hallmark Holidays, so Father's Day wasn't a big deal. Early on, Ralph and I agreed to not give each other gifts for Mother's Day or Father's Day, since at the time we both had moms and dads. (And forget Grandparent's Day- I refuse to buy into that Hallmark nonsense!)

One of the radio stations was asking people what advise their fathers told them that turned out to be useful. I immediately flashed back to Dad teaching me how to drive. "Listen to your engine," was his big thing. And he was right, and it's advise that's served me well over the years. Whether it be a sewing machine, a lawnmower or a car, you can't go wrong if you listen to the engine.

He used to tell my brothers that it was OK to quit a job as long as you had another job to go to the next day. When Michael was young he tended to quit jobs and go pump gas down the corner. Within a few days, someone would come along who knew him or of him, and would hire him. That drove Dad crazy!

The other advise Dad used to give the guys was "Keep your pecker in your pocket. If you can't do that, put a raincoat on it." Words to live by!

I have to throw in the advise Mom gave my brothers. "If you have to drink to enjoy your friends, it's time to get new friends."

To all the Dads everywhere, Happy Father's Day!


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