Saturday, June 20, 2009


I had a long quote here that was attributed to Maya Angelou called "A woman should". In the comments, it was pointed out to me that the quote was actually by someone else. I had read the quote, and liked it, and never thought to check it on

I appreciate the commenter that pointed out the error. The internet is a wonderful thing, but there's as much misinformation on it as there is information.

Saturday- Ralph is working, it's yet another rainy day, and I'm not doing anything productive. I've already taken Mom to the bank and we went to lunch.

First thing this morning, I made my every-other-year trip to Walmart. My niece had told me about some fabric she saw, and I wanted to check it out. I thought at 9.m. on a rainy, dreary Saturday morning, it wouldn't be too bad. Hah! The parking lot was jammed, and so was the store. Walmart has so good buys, but I don't understand the big attraction. Every Walmart I've ever been in, all two of them, have awful parking lots. No matter what time of day or night, they're crowded. I got the fabric, a new shower curtain, a wiffle ball and bat for Eddie, and got out of there.

The laundry is almost done, so I can put that away and feel like I've accomplished something!



Alan De Smet said...

If you see a long-form piece attributed to someone famous, check it first before redistributing, or even believing it. If you don't, you insult the actual author by denying them credit. In this case the piece was actually written by Pamela Redmond Satran. Maya Angelou's web site even says, "Please be aware that Dr. Maya Angelou has absolutely no affiliation with the following poems circulating the internet;...A Woman Should Have ."

Alan De Smet said...

My apologies, I was unnecessary snappy in my previous post. It is a nice poem/essay, and it remains such even if it was written by someone else. Misattribution is just a pet peeve. It's regrettable that blog and email redistribution so often mangles or loses attribution. It doesn't need to, but a small mistake followed by a misunderstanding and you can end up with a mistake spread across the internet.

Please have an excellent day!