Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is how it looks when you turn off Heather's street into her driveway- it's a loooong driveway!
This is Frenzy on my bed. This is the quilt that I kept for us- it's called Nantucket Rainbow, and is from a class I took. It's a class I took the first year I learned to quilt.

These are more of Miss Millie helping me to bind the star quilt. She got quite possessive of the quilt!

I got the ultrasound of my gall bladder done today, and had labs drawn. My doc should get the results by the end of the week.

Barbara and I cancelled our inservice for Thursday- it was going to take over an hour to get there, and it starts at 0800. And we don't need the hours, and I didn't want to miss another day at work. Even though it's a professional day, not a sick day, someone would have to come over to cover the meds for me.

I worked on the string blocks for awhile last night. They're going to make a cool looking quilt.

And the beat goes on!


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