Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday again!

It's cold, but not as bad as yesterday- it's 37 right now. I should be glad it's cold, so Steph and her friends can go up to the Poconos and go snowboarding. This is only the second time this year she's gone- life and college are getting in her way!

Steph and Toast arrived yesterday afternoon. Poor Toast is moving slow this week- she's back on the meds for her back. She doesn't seem like she's in pain, just not trying to get on the couch or bed by herself. Steph went out last night, and Toast curled up on the couch in the sewing room and kept me company while I sewed.

I got the squares cut for the 3 ABC swaps, so I can get them mailed out this week. Then I went back to working on string blocks. I have 28 8.5 inch blocks made so far, and haven't even put a dent in the box of strips that I cut! I sewed while I watched 3 episodes of Burn Notice, and 3 of NCIS, fast forwarding thru the commercials.

I hope to sew some more today, once Steph gets out of bed and on her way. I also have to wade thru the week's mail, which is all over the kitchen table, and sort it.

Goals for the week-
Tidy up the kitchen and dining room.
Make more string blocks (not saying how many, LOL)

Sunday things to be happy about-
A whole pile of library books waiting for me to read!
It's not snowing!

And the beat goes on!


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