Saturday, February 28, 2009

More happy happy!

Great news today! The fluid from Sam's lung cavity IS NOT CANCER!!! It's an infection! Yay for infection, LOL. She has to have surgery Monday to repair the lung, but it's not cancer! I'm so relieved.

Ralph and I drove her husband up to visit her today, and I'll go back and get him later this afternoon. Retired friends have been taking him back and forth all week, so I'm taking the weekend. When we got there, her hairdresser friend was getting her hair in shape- she said it made her feel like a new woman.

Last night my Cookie Swap group came to visit. We had a great time catching up on everyone's news, and they were very impressed with my quilting setup. This is a group I've known for about 30 years- where did that time go? Some years we only get together once, for the Cookie Swap, and some years it's several times. The past few years we haven't even done cookies at Cookie Swap, which makes Ralph nuts- he says we need to change our group name.

Steph and Toast have arrived for the weekend, and Steph already left to go to lunch with a friend. Toast was so happy to see Ralph home- she was yipping and running around.

And the beat goes on!


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Judy said...

Fantastic! Never thought you'd be so happy about an infection, did you!