Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Sunday morning

This is my favorite of all the quilts I've made. It was a thangles class that I took at Quilted Treasures. Some people did it scrappy, but I knew I wanted two colors. The green is a batik, and the cream is a little floral. Sharon Densten did the quilting for me (this was before I had the HQ16) and I actually just put the binding on it last month. Millie the quilt tester approves. I have it hanging over the couch in the family room. It still needs a name, but I haven't thought of one yet.

It's going to be nice today, in the 50's. Get rid of the last of the snow!

I decided to do some string blocks on Wednesday, when we were off for snow. I didn't feel like working on any of my works-in-progress, so I cut scraps into strips. I got 9 blocks made, 8.5 inches square with a muslin foundation.

Yesterday I crocheted for an hour or so- that was as ambitious as I got. Ralph and I went out to breakfast with his mom. It was the first I had been to the new town diner, and it was very nice.

This week I get the ultrasound of the gall bladder done on Tuesday, and I might have a professional day on Thursday. I'm signed up for an inservice in Vineland, but since the law just passed that I can use professional development hours as CEUs, I don't really need the hours, and Vineland is an hour away. Barbara and I are still deciding whether we're going.

Sunday things to be happy about:
With only a little help from Ralph, I transferred my pix from the camera to the computer!
Steph is home for the weekend.
It's not snowing!

Weekly numbers:

Fabric bought this week- 0
Fabric bought this year- 9 yards

Fabric used this week- 0
Fabric used this year- 24 yards

Books bought this week- 0
Books bought this year- 8

My books read this week- 0
My books read this year- 5

And the beat goes on!


Mary said...

I thought that was a Hunter's Star quilt - gorgeous in two colors!

Shoebox Days said...

That quilt is beautiful! I love the choice of fabrics and would love to know if the pattern is available.

Thanks for sharing!

elsie123 said...

I really like your quilt from the thangles class. You do great work!