Sunday, January 26, 2014

And more snow!

We ran around and did errand yesterday morning because more snow was predicted. We went to Perks, stopped at Mom's to drop things off to her, to the library, and to the diner for breakfast. Since it was 23 out, we didn't worry about our groceries thawing, so we brought them in when we got home. 

The snow started at noon, and it snowed til 5. The prediction was an inch or so, Ralph said it's at least 3 inches. Today the sky is blue, and a 30% chance of more snow tomorrow. We've had more snow this year than for several years combined! 

While it snowed, I finished Steph and Dan's zombie pillowcases. Ralph will mail the pillowcases and coasters this week. This was one of the few weeks that I both sewed and crocheted!

Last night I wrapped up in an afghan and watched this week's Grimm, one of my favorite shows. I still have 4 Sleep Hollow's to watch. I love the DVR! 

Two weeks til Ben, Manda and Amary come home for a long weekend! My friend Barbara recently pointed out that Holly and Amaryllis are both winter plants- something I'd never thought of. 

Today we're meeting Frank, Charlotte and Doris for lunch at Olive Garden. When Charlotte said where they were going, my first impulse was to call Steph to see if she and Dan wanted to meet us. I was so sad when I remembered they are 3000 miles away. 

And the beat goes on!

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