Thursday, January 9, 2014

How can it be January already?

From September on, 2013 was a blur. The middle of December, Steph and Dan sent his car and their belongings off to Oregon, and moved in with us. We had Christmas at Heather and Ed's, where they made a lovely dinner. Christmas night we came home and ran around like crazy people, doing laundry and packing. Rapid Rover came at 5.20 AM on December 26, and took me, Steph, Dan and the dogs to Philly airport for our 7.30 flight. 

Who knew that December 26 is one of the most busy flying days? I use mobility assistance for my knee, so I was thru security and at the gate by 6.30. At 7 they announced they'd start boarding, just as Steph and Dan finally got there with the dogs. The flight ended up waiting another 45 minutes for the 20 people stuck in the security line! 

The flight was good, and the dogs were good, except halfway there when Whiskey decided he'd had enough and started barking. We quieted him with cookies. Ben picked us up at the airport, and warned us that we were going to a house of sickness. 

We knew Ben had been sick with a virus. He'd shared it with his Dad, then with Becca and Brandon, then with Manda. Manda was in the beginning stages, Becca and Brandon had gone home, and Ben and Randy were recovering. We were careful with handwashing, but by Saturday I was having a lot of nausea.
Steph and Dan stayed away from everyone and left at 6 a.m. Friday,  but Steph still got very ill Saturday afternoon. 

It was so nice to see Polly and Randy! We hadn't seen them since the wedding. Polly was the only one who never got any trace of the virus. They had lunch with us when we arrived, then they headed out to Becca's for the last days of their trip. 

It was a quiet visit for sure! But Amary is such a delight! She laughs, and smiles all the time. She was being clingy, and would only come to me for a few minutes. She ended up getting sick after I left, and had bronchitis, poor baby. 

I flew back here New Years Day, and was home for 12 hours before I had to go back to work- that was a miscalculation on my part. I should have came home the day before. So we had school Thursday, then the snow hit and we were off Friday. Much as I don't like snow days, I was glad to have that one! 

And now it's January, and a new year!
Happy New Year!

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