Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day!

It started to snow yesterday morning. It snowed, and it snowed, and it snowed some! My district, like most, had already planned to have a half day. My 40 minute commute took just under two hours! The roads weren't plowed, and apparently every terrified driver in south jersey was on the Pike, going 5 MPH. Finally when the road widened, those of us who were comfortable driving 15MPH passed them. The Hill was actually pretty clear! 

I don't know the official numbers, but we got at least a foot. The family room is dark because the skylight is snow covered. Ralph used the snowblower for us, our neighbor, then went up and did Mom's driveway. 

When Ralph got home from Mom's, I made us a hash brown and pork roll omelet. I also have sauerkraut cooking in the crockpot, for hot dogs and sauerkraut for dinner. The dishwasher and washer are doing their thing. And I finally finished reading the stack of newspapers and mail from when I was in Mill Creek! I've had 3 cups of raspberry zinger tea already today. 

Poor Whiskey is being worked up by the vet. He's having trouble pee-ing, even after a course of antibiotics. He's had an xray, and they're trying to get a good ultrasound. He's the sweetest, most loving dog ever, and Steph hates to see him in pain. He goes back to the vet tomorrow for another try at the ultrasound. Poor little guy is almost 13. 

I started watching all the Sleepy Hollow's that I have DVR'd, and I'm hooked! 

And the beat goes on!

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