Saturday, February 1, 2014

A heat wave!

It went up into the 40's today! It was great- melt more of this snow. We got another four inches or so during the week, but the closer I got to work, the less snow there was. The shore areas got more- the kids got a snow day. 

We did our usual Saturday routine- to the diner for breakfast, to Perks, and made a liquor store run. Manda, Ben and Amary are coming home for a long weekend, so of course we're having people over.

I used the crockpot again, made a tortellini dish which was really good. Tortellini, fresh spinach, veggie broth, diced italian tomatoes, and cream cheese put in at the end. It was another facebook recipe, and Ralph said to keep this one! He had two helpings. 

I crocheted 3 more snowflakes this week! 

Whiskey is on another antibiotic, and seems to be doing well, poor little guy. And our outdoor cat, Bob, has a date with the vet to get shots and get fixed- we'll find out if Bob is a he or a she. 

I took a nap this afternoon, a wonderful thing about Saturdays. I don't nap on Sundays, because I have to get to bed at a decent hour. 

And so it goes!

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