Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three King's Day

We are off work today because it's Three King's Day, which is a big holiday in some hispanic countries, and our district has a lot of hispanics. Ironicially, I'm never found a kid yet who knows what Three King's Day is, or who celebrates it. It's a bonus day off for us.

So I've already been to the lab and had bloodwork drawn, after I slept in for an hour. I have to go to the grocery store for a few things. Snow is predicted for tonight into tomorrow, so the store will be filled with people buying bread and milk.

January 4 was a day of anniversaries. It was Ed and Heather's 9th wedding anniversary. How fast that time has gone! It was also the 6th anniversary of Ralph's Dad Rocco's dying. R.I.P. Rocco.

Mom Florence is scheduled to be discharged from rehab on Saturday, to Frank and Charlotte's house. She's using a walker with supervision, and a wheelchair.

We have some birthdays this month. Lou will be 80 something on January 15. Later in the month Zachary will be 10- how can that be? His dad Jimmy will be a little older than that a few days later.

My girlfriend Linda would have turned 58 on the 29th. I attended her funeral last year in January when she died entirely too young. This has been a rough year for her daughter Megan.

I love Facebook. Because of Facebook I'm now in contact with my Aunt Diane, the widow of my Uncle John, and my friend Doris, who was my maid of honor. I keep track of some of my cousins, including one who I haven't seen in about 30 years and who now lives in Idaho. Steph says I stalk her on Facebook, which isn't true.

I just finished The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse on my Nook. It's a cozy written by Leanne Sweeney, who is also on DorothyL. I'm starting another one by her called The Cat, The Professor and The Poison. I've got over 500 books on my Nook!

I finished another granny stripe afghan last night. This one is in shades of green, and I love it. It may take up residence on the coach with the quilt that my internet group made me.

And now I really have to go to Perks!


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