Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Family Rules

Every family probably has rules of some sort. Here's some of ours:

Joe's Rule of Employment: It's OK to quit a job, as long as you have another job to go to the next day. Big Mike constantly broke that rule- he'd quit a job, pump gas at the gas station down the corner, and someone would come along and offer him a job. Made Joe crazy.

Joe's Rule of Birth Control: Keep your pecker in your pocket. If you can't keep it in your pocket, put a raincoat on it.

Ralph's Rule of Plugs: Never give a woman a gift that has a plug attached, unless she specifically asks for it.

and our newest rule-
Ed's Rule of Toys: If you give a child (especially his) a toy that has more than 50 pieces, be prepared to help the child with the toy. Puzzles are exempt from the rule.

We have snow. Again. My usually 30-40 minute commute to work took me 2 hours this morning! We had a 1 p.m. dismissal, and the ride home was 35 minutes. We're getting more snow tonight, amount to be determined.

Mom Florence spent 24 hours in the hospital, after having blurry vision. All the tests were negative, thankfully.

Speaking of ERs, I was in one Sunday night. I was having intermittent nausea, tingling across my shoulder blades, and it felt like my heart was beating hard. Those things made me anxious, which didn't help, so we went off to the ER. Enzymes, Chest Xray, EKG, all good. One abnormal lab, so off to CT. All were absolutely normal, and by then I felt better, so I was discharged at 4 a.m. Monday. Women present so differently than men with cardiac issues, and the ER doc and nurses told me that I was absolutely right to come in. I've been feeling fine since, and if the ride to work didn't kick in an issue, nothing will!

I've been reading real books from the library. After reading on the Nook for a couple of weeks, it feels weird to hold a heavy book!I'm working my way thru the Jake Lassiter series by Paul Levine. He's an ex-football player, now lawyer, in Miami. It has a nice set of supporting characters, and Jake can't do anything the easy way. I'm enjoying the series.

I finally used up all the soft baby yarn, almost. I have enough left to make a couple of scarves. I started another granny square afghan to use up more of the greens. I also signed up for an ABC swap on the HGTV quilting board. You sign up for a specific letter, so 26 people participate. You sent 27 squares, 6.5 inches square. The extra square is for the hostess. I picked the letter P, because I'd bought some Peace Sign fabric. When all the squares are mailed to the hostess, she swaps them out, and you get back 26 squares, one for each letter. It's fun to see the fabrics that everyone picks out.

And so it goes!

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