Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2, 2011

I'm going backward in time, posting pictures from Thanksgiving. Mom and Manda were very intently looking at proofs of the wedding pictures on my laptop. We were at Mike and Donna's house. Manda and Ben used up most of their vacation time getting married and honeymooning, so they spent the long weekend of Thanksgiving with us, then went to Omaha and spent a long weekend in December. They were in Nebraska for Becca's college graduation and then did "Christmas" with the Briles. They spent the actual Christmas in Houston, and Kyle and Danielle went to visit them the week after, and spent New Year's Eve with them.
Ralph and Ben chatted while waiting for dinner to be served. Ben looks really different without the long hair- his hair is so curly!
Wild turkeys were in the backyard! Sometimes the yard is just covered with them. They keep a bunch of pairs of binoculars in order to wildlife watch.
Ralph and Mikey got to visit. Mikey is so good about taking Mom to doctor's appointments and shopping- he and Steph both do a lot for their grandmother.
Joseph's birthday is always Thanksgiving week. He turned 24 and couldn't believe how old he's getting. He's a busy guy with college and working, but always finds time to visit his grandmom. Taylor also works and goes to school, so they are a busy couple.
And Jake! I can't believe he's 10! Jake and Eddie have very similar personalities- very sweet kids, and kind to others.
Mikey and Grandmom enjoying each others company.
Steph brought a tofu-turkey with her. Some of us were brave enough to taste it. She's been a vegan for quite a while now, and says it makes her feel so good. She just finished her first semester of grad school at St. Joe's in Philly, and got all A's! In Addition to working full time, and sharing her life with Whiskey and Toast.
Poor Xena, the Warrior Princess. She was kind of creaky from arthritis, and she died the following week at 13. She will be sadly missed.
Dessert! Pumpkin roll, pumpkin pie, Joseph's Trifle, and coconut cream pie!
When I posted the Christmas pix, I missed posting one of Julianna and Eddie in her Dora jeep that Santa brought. She played in it for about an hour before she realized that it had a battery and she could drive it outside!

Christmas break is almost over- I go back to work tomorrow. Mom Florence was having a good day yesterday, and asked for an Italian Hoagie for lunch today. Ralph went off to feed Sheba and go to the Gallery for the hoagie, then off to lunch at rehab with her.

Ben called on New Year's Eve day to tell me that they were in Galveston, and there was a Rita's Water Ice there! Before then, the closest one to Houston was in Florida, so they are really excited. I see a lot of trips to Galveston in their future, luckily it isn't too far! And it's open all year!

I spent some time yesterday tidying up in the sewing room. It was a total disaster, since it was also wrapping central. I've been catching up on shows that I DVR'd- I watched all the Blue Bloods and Hawaii 50's, and I've started on the Glee's. I crochet while I watch, so I don't feel like I'm just wasting time.

I also downloaded a whole bunch of books to my Nook. I'm getting seriously addicted to reading on the Nook.

Here's hoping that 2011 will be kinder to us than 2010 was.


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