Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving is almost here!

I'm home from work, with four days off to look forward to! It'll be busy, with Thanksgiving, and Manda and Ben coming home. We're going to my brother Mike and sister in law Donna's for dinner, then off to nephew Kevin and niece in law Naureen's for dessert.

I'm most thankful for Ralph. Two years ago he had a sudden onset horrible headache, which turned out to be a benign brain tumor. The neurosurgeon removed the tumor thru his nose- he didn't even have to shave off his mustache! And he was home 48 hours postop! It was a scary time for all of us.

I'm thankful for the Moms, Mary Jane and Florence, who are always there for me. I'm thankful for my three beautiful daughters, who are all so different and yet so alike. I'm thankful for my wonderful son in law- I never worry about my daughter's safety or well being, because Ed is such terrific husband for her. I'm thankful for my future son in law. It's so hard to have Manda so far away, and I'm glad Ben is there for and with her. And both the guys are just great guys!

I'm thankful for my brothers and my brother in law. Thanks to the brothers, I have the best three sisters in law that a person can have!

I have plenty of nephews and nieces, and they're all wonderful! And friends, those that I see all the time, and those that wander in and out of my life. And granddogs- now there's 3 of them!

And of course, Eddie and Julianna! The cutest of the cute, the loviest of the lovies!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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