Saturday, November 21, 2009

Suzy Homemaker on Speed

That's what I feel like today! Toast was curled up on the couch, staying out of the way and looking cute.
Before I got started with the cleaning, I went to Target to do some Christmas shopping, and get some cleaning supplies. Ralph, Toast and Miss Millie were relaxing together.
Millie gets very upset if you try to move when she is laying on you! I went through the fridge and tossed everything that was expired. Some of it was very expired! Then I scrubbed the shelves, and even the front of the fridge. I moved to the pantry closet, known as the Black Hole, and shelf by shelf, got rid of expired things. Same with the lazy susan cabinet. Scrubbed the stovetop, countertops, sinks, and microwave. Ralph did his part, taking out the trash and recycleables, and vaccuuming the kitchen floor. He even made dinner!
It's getting dark entirely too early these days, and we have another month til the Solstice! After our sloppy joe's dinner, I changed the sheets on our bed. I still have laundry to do, change and wash the sheets in the guest room, and both bathrooms to clean. And somewhere along the way I have to make a food shopping list and go shopping!

I managed to finish the snugglie's for Sam and Lou, and I have to deliver them this week. Can't have cold friends! This week we have full days Monday and Tuesday, and a half day on Wednesday, which is great. And Manda and Ben arrive Thanksgiving morning- the first time Manda has been home for Turkey Day since 1998!

And B101 has started playing Christmas music 24/7! I had the radio on all day while I was cleaning.

And so it goes!

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