Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Holiday

We had a wonderful meal at Mike and Donna's, then went to Kevin and Naureen's for dessert. By then, Ben and Manda had been up about a day and a half, so we didn'tstay long. Since their flight had been at 0600, and they had to be at the airport by o430 or so, and it's an hour or so from their apartments, they never really went tobed Wednesday night. We all lazed around on Friday, til they went to Steph's for the evening.
This is an Origami bag, made from a tutorial on the HGTV message boards. It's about 6 inches tall, and uses a focus fabric and a coordinating fabric. It was really easy to make.
]This is the bag with the drawstrings pulled. Ribbon can be used, but it gets slippery and the bag doesn't stay closed, they tell me. So I made the fabric drawstrings.
This is looking down into the bag. Manda gets this one, and it might be a camera bag. She and Ben put their orders in for smaller ones, to hold their dice for their role-playing games. They both pulled fabric for their bags. Ralph wants one for a camera bag, but doesn't care which fabric I use.
Monday morning we got up at 0445, for a 0530 Rapid Rover pickup. Ben and Manda are pretending to be awake.
Manda got her eyes open- Ben was still trying. It was such a nice visit, and the 4 days went by so fast! But they'll be back in 18 days for Christmas! And Heather and Ed, Eddie and Julianna will also be up. Heather has to work Christmas Eve, so they're leaving the 23rd, and Manda and Ben will head to Nebraska on the 24th. We'll do Christmas on the 2o, 21 or 22- we haven't decided yet.

And tomorrow is December 1!


This is so funny! I did this entire post, with pictures, and published it. Unfortunately, it showed up on Ben's blog! I was looking at it, trying to figure out why the format was different. Then I realized that it didn't say South Jersey Quilter across the top, but said Transmissions from the Outside! (That'll teach you to not log out, Ben!) Ralph had to cut and paste my words, and I had to redo the pix. It was so funny that I had to call Manda and tell her!

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