Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wow, it's October!

The weather is cooling down nicely, and the trees are starting to turn. I've had to have the heat on in the car a few times in the morning, but I still get my large sweet tea with extra lemon on the way to work!

The school year is in full swing. In October I have two evening workshops to go to- I need the CEU's for my license, and the professional development hours for my school job. Camden County School Nurses has it's first meeting next week. CPR recert is this month, and after this time, I only have to do it twice more!

Triple A is having a Travel Expo on the 17th, and there's a local-ish guild quilt show on the 25th. We have birthdays this month- DMIL Florence, DSIL Charlotte, great-nephew Justin. Parties for Justin and my friend Barbara.

Ralph has 50 weeks left to work, a max of 100 days. He has a terrible cold, and should have called out for today, but wouldn't because it's a weekend. I hope he calls out for tomorrow, and stays in bed and rests.

I've got about 10 more rows to do on Eddie's afghan, and it'll be done. Then I can start one for Julianna, because I won't give him his til hers is done. I'm a smart grammy!

And so it goes!

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