Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another week zipped by!

I can't believe I haven't been here in a week! Every day I had work, of course. Tuesday night I finally got up the nerve to go to water aerobics. It was such fun! The water was nice and warm. There were about a dozen ladies, all around my age, and none of them was Twiggy. I could keep up with the pace, and felt like it was a good workout. And talking to the ladies I found out what classes were the most fun.

Tuesday in the middle of the night I woke up with cramped toes, which says the workout was good. I couldn't go back Thursday night because I had an inservice to go to from 4.30 til 7.30. It was in my town, it was free, and it was 3 CEU's.

Good thing it was free- the speaker was terrible. The title was Managing Emergencies in School Aged Children. Obviously the speaker, an RN, has never even talked to a school nurse, since she had no idea what we do. And emergencies were never mentioned, other than to glorify EMT's and rescue squads. But we got out early and got our CEU's.

Ralph is finally feeling better, and today I feel lousy. It's also dreary out. I went to bed early last night, and slept late today, and I feel a nap coming on.

I'm working on the border of Eddie's afghan, and planning the table runner for Heather's wooden island. She wants reversible, autumn and winter.

And so it goes.

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