Friday, October 23, 2009

The week that went on forever!

It's finally Friday night- I thought it would never come. What a week! Two weeks worth of stuff going on at work- I'm finally almost caught up on the paperwork.

Toast came home from Whiskey's foster home with fleas. Meds, several fleabaths later, I went to the vet and got Frontline. The poor thing has been so upset all week- she'd be fine right after a flea bath, and back to being bit the next morning. I gave her an oatmeal fleabath this afternoon, and she was itchy right after, so that's when I went and got the Frontline. She's already somewhat better.

Whiskey had his trip to the vet's. Steph changed his food, which was a big improvement. He's going to go visit Aunt Sam for the weekend, since Steph has plans (a life!) and Ralph is working, and I have somewhere to go. Aunt Sam has housetrained a million or so dogs, so she's going to work with him.

I'm reading Sworn to Silence, by Linda Castillo, which is fabulous. Gory in places, but a very well written mystery. And I just ordered TSO's new CD from Amazon- it comes out soon.

The last few days were gorgeous, in the 70's. Today was in the 40's and drizzley, and I think it's supposed to rain over the weekend.

Mike, Donna and Jake fly to Florida tomorrow. Mikey graduates from Harley repair school on Friday, and they have to pack up and clean his apartment. Donna and Jake will fly home, and Mike is driiving up with Mikey. Mikey has been so homesick the entire 18 months, and he just can't wait to get home.

Heather and Ed have livestock- 3 chickens for eggs and a duck because Ed likes ducks. Big Ed and Jeanne are going down this week to visit- it'll be the first they've seen the new house.

No sewing or quilting- I haven't had the urge to even go sit and crochet all week. Manda has her second knitting lesson tomorrow- she's very excited about knitting.

And so it goes!

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