Sunday, October 25, 2009


Poor Toast has had the worst week! Somewhere, either at Whiskey's foster home or in our yard, she picked up fleas. Poor thing was so itchy! Ralph put on some flea stuff that didn't work, then got some natural citrus spray that also didn't work, then we tried an oatmeal flea bath which worked for a few hours.

Finally I called the vet and went and got Frontline, which worked. Then she got this red icky rash that Sam diagnosed as flea bite dermatitis. So I started giving her benedryl and using anti itch spray, and kind of holding her so she couldn't scratch, and it looks better today.

Yesterday Ralph was working, and I was going out, and Steph had a wedding to go to, so Sam kept Whiskey. She and Lou fell in love with him, and he gets along with her little dogs. Steph slept over here last night and picked up Whisey this morning and took him home.

Steph and I went to the Berry Baskets Quilting Guild Quilt Show today. She put Whiskey in the crate, and the little stinker digs as the bottom tray til it slides, then he can get out the wide mesh of the bottom! He was looking out her sliders when we got back! She wanted me to walk him a bit so she could vaccuum, and he was pretty anxious- he kept scratching at her door to get back in!

The quilt show was nice- it was about 100 quilts, and a dozen or so vendors. We admired the quilts, and I bought a couple panels and kits. I really do have to get out of my funk and back to quilting!

It's a beautiful day out, about 60, blue sky, and the leaves are yellow and red. Very pretty!
And so it goes!


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