Saturday, July 4, 2015

July is here!

It's July 4, and we've only been out of school a little over a week! I feel like I'm accomplishing so much more, and getting more steps in, than when I'm at work. I've been getting up around 8 each day.

Yesterday was Dan's birthday, and next week is John's, Steph's, and Steph and Dan's first anniversary. Later this month is Connor's, Kenzie's, Juliette's, Amary's and Polly's birthdays. 

I miss Dad on days like Memorial Day and July 4th. He loved those holidays, and was so proud to be a Navy Veteran of WW2 and Korea. 

I went to a great sale at Carter's, and got lots of newborn clothes for Baby Boy. I also have my tickets to go to Seattle. I'm there til August 31, and Polly arrives shortly after I leave. Then Ralph is going out by train, and will spend 2 weeks there. Manda is working on a to do list for him. 

Baby Boy's afghan is more than half done. It's all single crochet, so it's slow going. 

Happy 4th!

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