Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Mode

I love summer break. If it's practice for retirement, I'll do fine. Ralph gets up around 6 when the Sly alarm goes off- he comes in, jumps on Ralph, and walks around meowing til Ralph gets up and feeds him and lets him out onto the porch. I get up 8ish, which is so much better than 6:30.

A lot of days I make a full breakfast- eggs with pork roll or sausage and toast. Or waffles and sausage. Because of the big breakfast, we either don't have lunch or just something light. 

I found a crockpot rice pudding recipe that we like- Ralph loves rice pudding. I made that for the second time last night. It only takes 2.5 hours on high, and makes a good amount.

After checking email, I piddle around. I've been working in the guest room and sewing room, cleaning and rearranging. I've made one GWL run, and am almost ready for another. At some point, I had bought a bunch of pillow forms. I looked at them and thought, "Nah.". So I gave them away to someone who was happy to get them, and that got them out of the house! 

Since Ralph got the George Foreman grill with removable inserts, we use that at least once a week for burgers, hot dogs or chicken. With just the two of us, it makes plenty, and saves him firing up the propane grill outside. 

I finished and mailed out Baby Boy's afghan. Next up is a diaper cover set in Husker's colors. It took me two days to find where I'd put the pattern. 


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