Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Busy, Busy!

So much to do, so little summer to do it in! And since I'll be at Manda's for the last three weeks of summer, I have to keep at it!

Yesterday we went to Perk's. The town MUA truck was parked in the handicapped spot. I was so mad that I took pix, and emailed them to the Mayor and to the police via their facebook page. A few hours later I had replies. The Mayor forwarded the pix to the Chief of Police, who is issuing a summons. He also forwarded them to the MUA Director, who was not happy to see them! He will deal with his employee. 

Cleaning up the guest room is going well. With the two new big cabinets, I was able to empty a lot of the fabric totes, and can see what I have! I'm thinking to move the bed, which would leave room for another large cabinet, and I could empty the remaining totes. We measured for bifold closet doors. I have a huge pile to be donated to Goodwill. 

I went back to Carter's, and got Amary some things that Manda said she needs. I also got packs of onesies in sizes 6, 9, and 12 months for Baby Boy. I totalled up the original prices, and I got almost $900 worth of clothes for a little over $200! 

When the new outlets open, there will be an Oshkosh store. I'm so excited! 

This morning I see the podiatrist, and have to stop at Triple A and the library. When Ralph gets home from his Krav Maga class, we'll go out to lunch. Then back to work in the guest room. 


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